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Baseball bats

When it comes to determining your next baseball bats purchase you should consider a variety of factors such s composite or aluminum bat or USSSA approved and more.

Being no stranger around the field these are some of the popular 2022/ 2023 baseball bats and brands people are talking about.

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  1. Cat X – All Baseball Bats
  2. Cat 9 Connect – Composite Baseball Bat
  3. Cat 9 Aluminum – Aluminum Baseball Bat


  1. Meta – Composite Baseball Bat
  2. Solo – Aluminum Baseball Bat


  1. VooDoo One – BBCOR Baseball Bat
  2. The Goods- Aluminum Baseball Bat
  3. CF Series – Composite Baseball Bat


  1. ADV 360 – Composite Baseball Bat
  2. Maxum 360 – Composite Baseball Bat


  1. Techzilla – Aluminum Baseball Bat


  1. Hot Metal – Aluminum Baseball Bat


  1. BoneSaber – Aluminum Baseball Bat

Most importantly, you should be thinking about bats as it relates to your son. Personally, I have known for years my son is more of a contact hitter. He needed a balanced bat with the sweet spot in the middle of the baseball bat. He is not a big kid so he needed a baseball bat he could actually control with proper swing mechanics.

An end loaded baseball bat would have hurt his hitting production and caused weak fly or ground balls. He would have lost his confidence and love for the game. Ultimately, I wanted to make sure he had that confidence on the plate. We were okay not  being the four hole hitter that is hits bombs. Rather we enjoyed being the leadoff and tearing up those base paths.

So, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing a $400+ plus bat if it does not compliment your son’s hitting style.

Additionally, purchasing a baseball bat that is “too big” or too long/ too heavy could actually hurt your sons swing. Below are a few of the things I will cover in various articles to help with the “marketing” lingo as you read about the best youth baseball bats and reviews.

  • Material – Composite or Aluminum or Hybrid
  • End Loaded vs. Balanced
  • Length/Drop
  • Training Bats / Hitting Accessories
  • USSSA approved

It also helps to understand some of the key hitting metrics that are involved. Many of the marketing talking points will state a variety of feature statements which may not be relevant to your son.

Bottom line, when selecting your next baseball bats purchase take him to a retail store with a hitting cage. They usually provide USSSA approved bats for him to swing with. Let him be the deciding factor on which baseball bat “feels” right for him.

I hope it helps and good luck next season!

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